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You did it; you officially booked your boudoir session! First and foremost, I’m so proud of you! Secondly, I know what you’re thinking – “Holy shit, I did it. Oh my god, how do I prepare? I need to start working out again. I need to lose at least twenty pounds! No more cake for […]

Why is a Boudoir Session Worth it? As a boudoir photographer and client, I feel a boudoir session is worth the time and money investment because it's such an incredibly empowering experience that allows you to feel beautiful and worthy.

The short answer? Duh. Boudoir sessions can be scary for multiple reasons; not only are you getting half-naked in front of a stranger, but you’re also investing a ton of time and money. Of course, people begin to wonder, is a boudoir shoot worth it? Whether or not a boudoir session is worth the investment […]

Client poses seductively for boudoir photo session

Boudoir photography can be a highly intimate and vulnerable experience – so some may ask, “what exactly is the point of a boudoir photo shoot?”. There are many reasons to do a photo shoot like this, and it’s hugely personal. Everyone has their unique reason behind choosing to do a boudoir session, and ultimately, no […]

Your clothes don’t determine your worth Something we hear so often as women is how we need to dress to appease those around us. Don’t show too much skin. Don’t show too little. Don’t look like a you-know-what. Don’t wear that crop. Don’t wear those shorts. No matter what we wear, our worth is constantly […]

Amy- “Beautiful! Ok, hold that pose and close your eyes.” Me- *closes eyes* Amy- “What is wrong with you?!” Also Amy- “THE CAMERA! NOT YOU!” Cue both of us laughing hysterically. Now let me add some context to this. I did my first shoot (finally!) with Amy a few weeks back. I had been looking […]

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Your body is so much more than someone else’s opinion on it We’ve all experienced it. Whether you’re a size 0 or you shop in the plus size section – or you’re somewhere in between – we’ve all experienced someone telling us our body isn’t good enough. We’ve all been told we’re too fat, too […]