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October 26, 2021

Your clothes don’t determine your worth

Something we hear so often as women is how we need to dress to appease those around us. Don’t show too much skin. Don’t show too little. Don’t look like a you-know-what. Don’t wear that crop. Don’t wear those shorts. No matter what we wear, our worth is constantly based on the clothing we have on.

How unfair is that?

Your worth is so much more than the clothing you wear. If you feel most confident dressed completely covered from head to toe, great! If you feel your best when you are wearing short shorts and a bralette, amazing! What matters is how your clothing makes YOU feel. Who cares what anyone else feels about your clothing?

I’m challenging you this week to wear something you love that’s out of your normal comfort zone and that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, no matter what that is.

Dress for yourself and nobody else, babe.


XOXO Kaitlin 

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