Women Empower Women October

September 30, 2021

Written By Kailin Johnson


This month I want to talk about something I struggle with a lot, and that I know a ton of other women in my life struggle with too – advocating for yourself.


In jobs, in our personal life, even at the doctor, I know I have a hard time sticking up for myself to make sure that I am being seen, appreciated, and treated the way I deserve. The unfortunate truth is that even in a society that is moving more and more towards destroying the patriarchy, we find that women are often still overlooked and not heard.


What I want to remind you of today is that it is more than okay to stand up for yourself. Do you know you’re a good fit for a promotion at work? Go for it, and make sure your boss knows what a catch you are as an employee. Don’t allow yourself to be underpaid or undervalued. It’s okay to be confident and to know that you are a damn good worker who deserves more than what you’re getting.


Struggling with your mental health or a medical issue? It’s okay to end relationships with doctors or therapists who don’t listen to you and find someone else who is a better fit. If you don’t advocate for yourself to receive the best possible care you can, then you never will. And in personal relationships, it’s okay to cut people off if they’re not treating you how you deserve to be treated.


Life is too short to not be your biggest advocate. You are not cocky, bossy, or rude because you stand up for yourself – society just tells you you are because they want you to be meek and mild. The fact of the matter is that you are a badass who deserves all of the best things – and sometimes you have to push some buttons to make that happen.


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