Fifty Reasons to Book a Boudoir Shoot

September 30, 2021

By Amy Kelley

Have you been considering booking a boudoir shoot but you’re just not really sure? Have you been waiting for a good reason? Have you heard everyone else talking about it and you’re just wondering what all the hype is about and why everyone is having professional nudes taken all of a sudden?


No worries. I have all the answers.


Here’s 50 reasons you should book your boudoir session … like right now.


  1. To feel like a bad bitch
  2. To pamper yourself with a day all about you
  3. To spoil yourself with beautiful images and products
  4. To improve your self esteem
  5. To be able to see yourself the way others view you
  6. To buy sexy new lingerie
  7. To have a mini getaway from every day life (and your kids!)
  8. To have a reason to splurge on getting your hair and nails done
  9. To meet new friends
  10. To have images to post in the group
  11. To have people hype up those images and make you feel like a bad bitch
  12. To have a new found appreciation for your body
  13. To get a workout in 
  14. To do something out of your comfort zone
  15. To be able to chime in on the conversation when your friends are talking about their boudoir shoots
  16. To have images to look back on for years and years and years
  17. To give as a gift to your partner
  18. To have images you can show your friends and they can hype you up
  19. To have fire nudes 😉
  20. To have a day full of uninterrupted girl talk
  21. To get a massage 
  22. To give yourself a pick-me-up if you’ve been feeling down
  23. To prove that all bodies are beautiful
  24. To prove there is no size limit to boudoir
  25. To prove that you CAN do it
  26. To boost your confidence 
  27. To progress in your self love journey
  28. To have a killer conversation starter when people come over and see your beautiful album on your coffee table (if you’re into that)
  29. To have stunning prints hanging around your home reminding you that you’re hot as hell
  30. To perform self care
  31. To celebrate the current you and all you’ve been through
  32. To celebrate a milestone
  33. To mark it off your bucket list 
  34. To give as a killer gift on your wedding day
  35. To celebrate whatever life has thrown at you (birthday, baby, new job, divorce, anything!)
  36. To show off your tattoos
  37. To feel like yourself again 
  38. To spice up your sex life
  39. To be extra for no reason at all
  40. To get back at your ex
  41. To wear that sexy outfit you’ve had forever but never had a reason to wear
  42. To see what all the hypes about
  43. To update your profile photo
  44. To update your dating app
  45. To walk out of the studio feeling like you can conquer the world
  46. To say “I finally did it!”
  47. To hear your friends say “holy shit look at you!!!!”
  48. To hang out w an incredible group of women who dedicate their lives to making you feel beautiful and loved
  49. To write on the wall and make a permanent mark on the world
  50. Because you fucking deserve it 


Are you ready to book?! 


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