Women Empower Women August

July 28, 2021

   Written by Kaitlin Johnson

    Hi lovelies! For our first women empowering women article we’re going to keep it simple and go over 5 things you can do this week to empower the women around you while also making yourself feel good!

  1. Congratulate women on their successes: Listen, I know when we see other women succeeding when we feel like we’re not, it can be so easy to feel jealous. Instead of letting those feelings take over, congratulate your friend on her success and remember that we are all on different life paths – but we still need to support each other along the way. Shedding negative feelings not only lets them know you care, but it will also help you feel better about yourself in the long run.
  2. Support women owned businesses: Whether it’s your favorite photographer (cough, cough, Amy) or a clothing store, Etsy shop, etc. it is so easy to support small businesses owned by women. It doesn’t even require any money! Simply by telling your friends about these businesses, sharing them on social media, and encouraging owners to keep going is more than enough to show them you stand behind them 110%.
  3. Boost their self-esteem: If you see a friend post a hot selfie on social media this week, throw her a like and a compliment. If you see a friend post about something great they’ve done, compliment them on their brains or kindness. Simply reaching out and showing your friends that you see them and love them will do wonders for their self esteem AND your mood!
  4. Help a new mom: Know a new mom who might be struggling with their newborn? Reach out to help! Ask if you can watch the baby while she takes a nap or cleans, offer to help make a meal, or just simply lend an ear for her to complain. It takes a village, and new moms are especially in need of some extra love.
  5. Just be kind: Whether you’re taking one of the actions above or looking for another way to empower a woman around you, lead with kindness. Smiling, showing support, and being kind in your interactions is the best way to show anyone how much you care for them. 


How do you show the women you love that you support them?

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