“If I Wasn’t Me, But Watching Me On a Show, I’d Know I’d Be My Favorite” – Elizabeth

December 17, 2020

Here I am writing my first blog post. Luckily for all of you, I have been binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. So, SPOTTED! The most amazing, beautiful, and sexy women. Which women do you ask? All of them. All women are beautiful, we just aren’t all confident.

I binge watch a lot of shows. A LOT. And you can always tell which show I’m currently watching because I tend to kind of change my style. Sometimes I change phrases I say.  When I was watching Friends, I see women like Monica and Rachel. I started dressing a little more sophisticated and “styled”. My hair, sometimes I’d flip it out and of course accessorize with clips. I wanted Rachel’s mini skirts and light black nylons. Or maybe I’m watching Game of Thrones, and I’m all about the braids because of Daenerys Targaryen, and all the flowing gowns that Cersei Lannister wears.

Or maybe I’m into Gossip Girl, and I want my hair loose and tousled like Serena Van Der Woodsen, and mega glam and chic outfits, and the sophistication of Blair.

But, what do all these characters have to do with each other? I see parts of myself in each of them. I don’t see Courtney Cox, I see Monica…and I’m definitely a Monica. I see the power and dominance  that comes from Cersei, and see the leader that blossomed from Daenerys. I see the sexy from Serena and the cleverness from Blair. I relate to these characters, but do I say to myself “you are sexy”, “you are powerful”, “You are a leader”, or “You have a big heart”?

No, no I do not.

Why? Why don’t we tell ourselves these things? Is it weird to love yourself? No, it’s absolutely not weird to love yourself. It’s not conceited to think you’re sexy. It’s not crazy to know your worth.

Every time I do a shoot with Amy I hear myself telling myself these things. I may or may not even tell myself more things… because I’m a bad ass bitch that’s gonna slay the day. THATS THE ATTITUDE you have once you finish your session.  I am a person I would watch and look up to, if I was a character on a show. I’d be like “first of all, she’s beautiful, and she’s a real person. I love her hair, and her eyes. She’s going on my hall pass list.”

When I got my boudoir pictures back from Amy, I honestly didn’t recognize myself. I was like “Daaaaammmmnnn! Who is that?” Promptly followed by “oh wait that’s me.” I kinda had a Buffalo Bill moment from Silence of the Lambs when he’s looking at himself in the mirror (if you have seen the movie, you know).

We are all women other women can look up to. We are all beautiful and sexy. So yeah, if I wasn’t me, but watching me on a show, I’d know I’d be my favorite, and you all should feel the same way about yourself. And if you aren’t there yet, that’s okay, Amy is there to hype you up. And all of us at Laced in Black are here to tell you too!

So I’ll calm down for a moment. Let’s recap:

1. Amazingly sexy photos of myself.

2. I thought I was hot. Let me say that one again…I thought I was hot. I loved MY OWN pictures.

3. My mindset and attitude that day was off the charts. Like, I was about to film myself in a rap video, looking all dope acting like the queen I am.

4. Residual effects, months later…I’m still acting like a boss.

5. Found a community of uplifting and supportive women.

Yep, I think booking a boudoir photo shoot with Amy checks all the boxes. What are you waiting for?



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