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April 14, 2020

Hey hey friends! Welcome to Laced in Black’s official website! This website has been a brewin’ for a month now and I’m so freaking happy with how everything has turned out. I’ve put a lot of heart into this and I’m hoping you guys find it as cute as I do!

A little background – just over a month ago I decided to add boudoir to my portfolio. I never ever ever expected to love it as much as I do now. I threw together a mini marathon practice run with two teammates and ended up with such a high from it I decided to make this a full-time thing. Of course, I still plan to photograph families and couples here and there but I want to put my entire heart and soul into boudoir photography.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I also love lifting others up and making them feel good. So, what better way to do both than boudoir? Boudoir is way more than photographing half-naked ladies – it’s about finding your inner bad ass and rocking the body you have no matter what flaws you got. Its about learning to love yourself and appreciating everything you’ve been through. It’s about walking out of the studio with this new found confidence and boss bitch attitude that you never thought you’d have. It’s about feeling good and changing the freakin’ world.

I am so excited to serve you. I am so excited to glam you up and tell you you’re hot. I cannot wait to see what inner baddie you have inside you that’s just dying to come out. LET ME LOVE YOU.

Take a look around, get cozy, and let me know when you’re ready to go!

As always, I’m here for you. Ask me questions, tell me your concerns, tell me something nice, ask me on a date to get french fries and watch That 70’s Show. Let’s just do the damn thing.





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